KNOTO is a sustainable brand that was born out of the need to stop the endless rush. We want to inspire others to slow down, value quality over quantity, and appreciate the beauty of handmade garments. We hope to create a space where local artisans have the opportunity to earn fair wages and support their families while doing something they love. Each item is carefully crafted and made with the individual in mind. We are committed to using only natural fibers. Aside from the benefits of breathability, softness, and warmth, these materials are biodegradable.


My name is Nora Totilė. I am the initiator and founder of KNOTO. The idea to create handmade knits wasn’t born over one night. A couple of years ago, my pace of life slowed down with the birth of my daughter, and I finally got the chance to get back into knitting. All it took was to hold the yarn in my hands once more, start working with the needles, and suddenly it came to me - my life’s calling is knitting. As I began creating more knits, I realized I am not alone and that, just like me, there are women out there who appreciate the craft of handmade knits. That’s when I came up with the idea to bring women with a passion and experience in knitting the opportunity to earn extra while doing something they love.
That’s how KNOTO began and continues to inspire till today.